Legal Support

All users must be the age of 12+

To prevent trolling on OutOut, you will have to verify yourself. OutOut app Ltd does not require your passport or personal information but your cooperation. Within 24 hours your account should be set up. OutOut Act 2021.

On OutOut, all users must be respectful of each other. If OutOut app Ltd find a user has intentionally tried to cause offence, they risk their account being deactivated with immediate effect and they will also be charged £50 which will go to a chosen charity. OutOut Act 2021.

Any user who has a premium account but unfortunately loses access to their points OutOut app Ltd will help you to regain access or set up a new account with your previous points.

OutOut app Ltd prides itself on keeping all our users data strictly private. Third parties cannot access your data. We do not or will sell your information to third parties unlike some social media companies.

For support contacts us at;

Write to: Sohan Singh House 2nd Floor 44 Bradford Street,
Walsall, West Midlands,WS1 3QA
Office number: +01922637778

OutOut app Ltd may at times directly reach out to you regarding rewards and other information