OutOut mission statement, ethos and goals.

Our values

Our aim is to help customers and businesses in any way we can. OutOut has been created in the hope it’s going to be a positive experience for everyone involved - our customers, businesses and local suppliers. From primary research we know there is a great demand for this terrific app which ultimately captures the essential elements of hospitality that is currently missing from our lives.


As the CEO of OutOut I have listened and researched carefully regarding the changes people want relating to social media. It’s fair to say there has been a lot of negativity surrounding social media but my aim is to bring back the good times and remind individuals how it can be fun while also rewarding our customers for using OutOut. Futhermore, the hospitality sector has took a big hit this last year and OutOut wants to help every business out there whether that’s a club, hotel, or restaurant to name a few.

Of course we want to be profitable, take over the world and be the number 1 app but unlike any other social media platform we appreciate it’s our customers who are the reason behind our success therefore customers will see real value for £3 a month as OutOut will be giving back to our customers throughout the year.

We have lucrative memberships to give away such as Gym, Netflix, and Amazon to name a few as thank you for being a Premium member. In addition to that, we will be teaming up with your own personal favourite restaurants, hotels, clothing stores and more to ensure you are one satisfied customer.

If you like to go OutOut, communicate and order more conveniently from the comfort of the location of the business your at, whilst being rewarded for posting to your main page then simply come join OutOut.

It all starts here!